60 X puppy/training treats Ideal size for trainin

Price: 5.99 GBP
This listing is for our with herbs added range, choose and pay for any 2 bags and we shall add your third bag completely free, simply pay for two and message us your choice of two flavours, we shall add the third completely free. we offer Lavender, chamomile and valerian root. These herbs are associated with relaxing the body, they are great for dogs suffering from anxiety and or stress. This could be the stress of a long car journey, perhaps a visit to the veterinarian, loud noises like fireworks. We offer treats suitable for Dogs with Diabetes and make injecting insulin more manageable than you ever imagined. This section of with herbs added is for our wheat and gluten free range it is a&lso where you can find our vegetarian treats and vegan treats. If you are unsure or need clarification on anything please message us for a free consultation giving your pets details and we will help you find a treat suitable for them. Below are a list of the flavours of treats we offer in our added herbs range. Please note we carry no stock and all treats are baked fresh to order. This can take between 3-5 days at busy periods. And as always postage is absolutely free on as many items as you buy

3 pack of Turkey and cranberry twists/15 pack trai

Price: 0.99 GBP
This is our speciality Christmas range. Simply pay £0.99p for your treats £0.99p postage per bag and send us a message with your choice of flavours you’d like us to bake for you. Select any bag of 30 treats and postage on the above photo/photos is absolutely free. Including free postage on anything you buy here.