Its a fact of life nowadays that we are treating our pets more like our family, that means when we eat or snack we usually allow our pets to do the same or is that just me. im having a cup of tea and reach into the biscuit tin and the dog is lookimg at me so my hand reaches into his tin and i find a treat for him. Our treats are totally fat free, are organic and definatly have none of those awful preservatives or E numbers in them allowing you to give a healthy treat without worry. And that is exactly the same for your diabetic pet too. We have a range of ingredients we can add to our specialilty treats allowing you to treat your canine companion without their blood sugar (glucose) spiking. a range of treats where you dont have to worry about everytime you want to give out a treat. please if your dog has any dietry conditions message us through our Contact page and discuss your needs with us. 


We use only the freshest of ingredients


 We use a variety of herbs for our calming treats, we have Lavender, our most popular one, our next most popular treat has always been our chamomile and strangely enough our best working calming treat was the least favoured by canines in our trials, Valerian root, dogs could not initially get past the smell of Valarian. My own personal thoughts on the scent of the valarian root would not be complimentory, if my own spaniel refuses it then its a non starter, so we re-trialed it by maskimg ths smell, after all it the best at calming pets down, after trying many ingredients it was agreed we neededto use the strong flavours of the herring as a guise to mask the smell of the valerian root, all our trials on the valerian root treats failed miserably. The odour emitted from valerian root does not sit well with any our trial dogs. however when we add valerian to chamomile it was exepted by most of the dogs in our trial but not all. Nothing we make goes on sale until we have fully tested it first, valerian root has a bitter after taste, yet out of our 3 flavoured treats the valerian root shows the best promise. The valarian root is the doggy equivelant to Tramadol in humans. so finally weve added valerian root to our Herring, Carrot & Kale treats with 100% sucess rate. We recommend either the Lavender or chamomile calming treats to be given with the daytime insulin injections and the 2 valerian root (doggy Tramadol) treats should be given before bedtime, one before and one directly after insulin injections, these should also be given as close to bedtime as possible ensuring your canine has a stress free nights sleep.

Canine Diabetes

Current figures on dogs with diabetes put 1 out of every, well the numbers vary but canines suffering from diabetes mellitus seem more common now than ever before. There are many reasons for this ranging from poor diet to genegics of specific breeds. This need not be a life sentance for your pet, with insulin injections twice daily and a good diet your pet can live a happy healthy life. But what about treats, you want to show your canine companion you love them by giving occassional treats. and as you need to adminster insulin twice daily our treats are balanced not only to keep your companions blood sugar (glucose) levels balanced but with adding Lavender, valerian root and chamomile these have a calming effect on your stressed out soon to be injected poorly pet. im sorry there is nothing we can do to ease your stress. with 2 diabetic shitzu dogs in our family it would be worth more than my life is worth not to get this right. I've 10 years canine bakery experience and I've 27 years total as a hand craft hand mould baker on the high street as an artisan Baker so i have the credentials. 4 treats per day is all you require for medicinal purposes, my sister in law is 74 years and long last chasing her 2 shitzus for injections, now they come easily for a treat, she lifts them up to the bench to inject them all the while the second treat is visible and in plain view of her dog who,s gaze is firmly fixed on treat number two and the injection is now just a mild inconvinience. the herbs in this tasty treat have a calming effect allowing your dog to rest stress free. The second insulin injection is given just prior to bed time and the routine is just the same and they settle easier for bed. We also make non medicinal treats that are designed to keep blood sugar (glucose) levels from spiking. All our treats are Organic and flavoursome. if you simply wish some Diabetic treats as an everyday treat without the calming effects we have a whole range of organic ingredients to add to  our treats that keep your pets blood sugar (glucose) levels from rising.