BREATH BOMBS: Baked with activated charcoal, fresh mint and Fresh parsley as an aid to canines with Breath issues. For many of us our pets are the only ones we allow into our personnel space so its only fitting that their breat be at its best. these like all our other treats are edible to share with your 4 legged companion.. As with our full  organic treats these can be made with Wheat/Gluten, Diabectic pets in mind. 

Still on the theme of pets in our personal space we are pleased to announce our new range of treats to combat the age old problem of GAS. Wether their lying at your feet in front of the Tv or at the foot of your bed the unmistakable aroma of your pets lower intestine is unmistakably foul. With our special blend of chamomile and marshmallow root put this problem behind you,. Literally. As with all of our organic pet treats these can be baked to your pets specifications, be they Diabetic or Gluten/Wheat free.

for our older pets we want to to sit close with us on the sofa who perhaps are suffering joint pain and or inflammation caused by old age and or arthritus, we have a treat that can be effective in giving some relief from the pain and also tasty enough to enjoy. And much like all our other treats we tailor make this to your specific requirements be this Diabetes or gluten or wheat intolerances.