Calming Treats

Using herbs for medicinal purposes is as old as time itself. So if they are good enough to treat humans they are certainly good for our pets. Simply put our calming treat range does exactly what it says on the tin, if you have an anxious or worried pet our treats are designed to calm them down. stress/anxiety can manifest in various situations,  A long car journey for example, a trip to the vets, bonfire night or in the case of my own family, Two diabetic dogs. a relaxing treat before and after insulin injections. These treats are a relaxent and were baked with Diabetic dogs in mind so if your dogs are Diabetic we have a full range of treats designed not to increase your canines blood levels. These are tried and tested recipes that work and are baked by a proffessional Baker with many decades of experience. please if you have any concerns you wish to discuss with us wed be happy to answer your questions and put your mind at ease.