About Me the baker and Us the company.

Canine organics was born several (10) years ago after a question posed tome by my daughter. She grew tired of wasting money on shop bought dog treats which her dog disliked that had a 2 year plus sell by date on that were filled with chemicals to preserve there shelf life.

I’m retired now but for the last 27 years of my life I’ve had the pleasure of being a fully qualified hand moulded hand craft Baker running my own sucessfull business. A career I’ve loved, so when my daughter asked if I could make some organic treats for her two cavalier King Charles spaniels I agreed.

Word of mouth and referrals from satisfied customers has seen an expansion in the range of treats we now offer. Not forgetting i can supply these treats in a many ranges suitable for diabetic dogs.


We offer a range of treats to suit most if not all of your canine companions needs. As well as making healthy organic treats for pets suffering a whole range of illnesses we also make organic tasty treats your companion will love and at a price to suit every pocket. So just what kind of canine illnesses can we cater for. Diabetes treats are more commonly being asked for. Much more now than in the 10 years since we started up canine-organics. If your looking for treats for a specific illness for your pet please feel free to message us if you need a consult regarding the best herbs to use for your pets dietry needs. this service we offer for free and we dont make any charge for any extra herbs added to your order. As more and more owners are sharing their personal space and their furniture with their canine companions our customers are insistent on some house rules. Doggy carers currently purchase our Breath Bombs for stale breath issues, our Flea Bites are an aid to ridding your pet of his unwanted guests, and some owners are purchasing treats to rid pooch of a nasty habit we like to call wind. Our Diabetic treats have ingredients added that not only slowly release glucose into the blood stream to stop glucose (sugar) levels from rising but when bought in conjunction with our calming treat range can make the task of your pets twice daily insulin injections a lot less stressful on you both. Please email us to find out more about our diabetic range, having two diabetic pets in the family and some 30 years baking experience we feel we are qualified to consult with you on this subject in paticular. Our calming treats are a great way of reducing stressful situations in your pets life, such as a long car journey, a vets trip, bonfire night, bathtime, our calming treat range can also be given to reduce hyperactivity or just as a nervous system sedative to pets that are in general prone to anxiety. I'm sure you have your own to add to our list. we have a whole arsenal of herbs and spices which when added to a favourite flavour can be an aid in the fight against your dogs cancer and others that when added have properties in that can stave off cancer. If your pet is just a little off colour we can bake a batch of treats that encourages the natural flora in your dogs gut, the helpful bacterias simply encourages the gut to work. If your pet has arthritis or liver issues we can discuss any and all needs via our message board. We have the ingredients at our disposal to improve your canines kidney functions, we can bake great treats for pets who have colitis or constipation issues, and we have been more recently tasked with and successfully curing an owners pet of consuming (shall we say) some outdoor gross stuff. Please if there is something you wish to discuss we us then visit our message board, we answer all messages posted on our site. oh and even more recently than the eating of the gross outdoor stuff, just a simple ask from a breeder of show dogs who simply wished for a thicker and healthier shiny coat.